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    • Campaigning for one egg per child is the way to go, especially in the rural parts of Africa. It is recommended that one needs a daily intake of protein and the most widely available and affordable protein is the egg. A practical example of my rural area: a 250g of meat is Kshs.120, well, considering the meat is to be taken by a family of 5 it will mean each one will have 50g of meat. The chances of the meat being well utilized by the body to reach the proteins full potential is minimal. The problem is this meat is not available daily it is bought in every two weeks or weekly this means it is not enough to cater for the recommended protein intake daily. An egg is cheaper going for Kshs.15 meaning for the same amount of Kshs. 120 the family can afford protein intake two times a week. This is almost guaranteed protein because one hard boiled eggs gives men up to 11 percent of the daily recommended intake and women get up to 14 percent of the recommended daily intake. Eggs are inexpensive and they are in high quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

      To increase the availability of eggs in rural Africa calls for poultry rearing projects within the communities. The governments can be involved because the children are most vulnerable and if the governments could get to provide eggs in school, that way even the poorest get this nutritious commodity. So communities join together to have projects in turn the government is pushed to buy the eggs from the farmers then farmers earn some income and the children benefit both from home and school. Such projects like having food provided has kept children in school even when things are not looking up at home.

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