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Mr. Thomas Bandolin

Organization: College of Southern Idaho
Country: United States of America
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Developing a better understanding of how to integrate agriculture and other human natural resource based needs while maintaining high quality levels of biodiversity.

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    • I truly appreciate this forum and the opportunity to share ideas, goals and implementation strategies.  I feel that for global food security to become a reality, a truly global approach to local problems in turn leading to global solutions is absolutely essential.  We must promote all attempts to implement multiple agricultural schemes and solutions to produce food and other natural resource products while insisting that biodiversity is an equal variable in the equation. 

      Multi-disciplined teams must operate together to understand and integrate very complicated local situations to solve and divert a potential and in some places a pending food and natural resources crisis.  The difficulties presented by Climate Change effects can only be solved at all levels from UN Forums to small local and family farms.  Examples of agriculture practices that consider and implement techniques that ensure high levels of biodiversity must occur on every continent and in every country for it to have a positive and significant effect on the essential food security issue.