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Food and biotechnology

AMR - FAO Office in Africa

Improving communications for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Africa: How should we move forward?

The emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is complicating the management of many infectious diseases. It endangers animal health and welfare, food production and adversely affects the functioning of human, animal and plant health systems and economies. What can be done to communicate these risks effectively, ensuring the proactive participation of stakeholders at all levels in adressing this issue?

International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture

Towards the establishment of an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture

Countries and international organizations from around the world committed to use the potential of digitalization to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability. To advise governments and other relevant actors on digitalization in the agricultural sector, FAO and partner organizations are developing a concept for an international Digital Council for Food and Agriculture.

Summaries of consultations

The role of Agricultural Innovation Systems in Central Asia and Caucasus countries and China towards more sustainable food security and nutrition

The main objective of this online discussion was to offer stakeholders an opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and regional good practices through a constructive dialogue, and to contribute to a) identifying challenges, opportunities and collective actions towards strengthening...

Reports and briefs

Digital technologies in agriculture and rural areas

This report aims to identify the different scenarios where the process of digital transformation is taking place in agriculture. This identifies those aspects of basic conditions, such as those of infrastructure and networks, affordability, education and institutional support. In addition, enablers...

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Reports and briefs

Going Digital: Shaping Policies, Improving Lives

Digital technologies and data are transformational. People, firms and governments live, interact, work and produce differently than in the past, and these changes are accelerating rapidly. How can we realise the immense promises of digital technologies and data for growth and well-being in a fast...

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