Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

The 14 Newest Agricultural Heritage Sites

17 April 2018

Since 2016, fourteen new sites have been designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, including the first ones in Europe. As with other designated sites, these systems highlight agricultural traditions that promote sustainability, safeguard biodiversity and protect the environment while supporting the social and economic development necessary for stable, decent livelihoods. 

The 14 new sites range from oases to rice terraces, wasabi cultivation to raisin production. They are fascinating places that have shaped landscapes into works of art and have protected sustainable ways of living and producing food.


Find out more about these remarkable sites:

  1. Siwa Oasis, Egypt 2016 

  1. Chinampa Agriculture in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Zone in Xochimilco, Tláhuac and Milpa Alta, Mexico 2017