Strenghtening Afghanistan Institutions' capacity for the Assessment of Agriculture Production and Scenario Development

Key facts

The “Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions’ capacity for the Assessment of Agriculture Production and Scenario Development” project funded by the European Union (EU),is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The project supports four objectives: to improve monitoring and analysis of agricultural production systems and to understand the country natural resources; to assess the impact of climate change scenarios on production; to improve the agricultural monitoring systems in country; to build the capacity in country institutions to provide sustainable agricultural monitoring and crop estimation, based on integration of remotely-sensed data and technology. This will contribute to national and local food security, climate mitigation, and national agricultural policies.

Project Components

Land resources and production assessment

The project is establishing a national geospatial database and implementing the FAO Agro-Ecological Zoning at National level (NAEZ) together with FAO Land Resources Information Management System (LRIMS) toolbox to support the monitoring and analysis of agriculture production systems, and to assess land suitability and comparative advantage of different land and water use options... More

Impact scenarios

Impact scenarios of water availability, crop yield and socio-economics will be developed for all major agro-ecological zones to support evidence-based decisions in planning and management of the agricultural sectors and natural resources in the country. This output combines the outputs from production and natural resource models in NEAZ and LRIMS and seeks to generate... More

Agricultural monitoring system

Agricultural Monitoring Systems (AMS) is based on innovative and sustainable methods, tools, geospatial technology and in situ data.  It provides innovative, up-to- date and/or complementary agriculture monitoring systems and survey methodologies enabling the integration of satellite remotely-sensed data and technology. The key approach proposed to address the main issues of… More

Capacity development

The project will strengthen national, Afghan institutions’ capacities in agro-ecological zoning, agriculture monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of agriculture and natural resources to support sustainable use of the agricultural production monitoring, scenario development and the capability to support agricultural policies in Afghanistan… More