Livestock and enteric methane

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Project profile

TitleReducing enteric methane for improving food security and livelihoods
Methane emissionsLivestockClimate action
Start DateNovember 2015
End DateDecember 2023
DonorClimate and Clean Air Coalition
UN Environment Programme
Recipient and target areas Africa, Asia and Latin America 
Project codeEP/INT/431/UEP
  • Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases 
  • New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre  
  • New Zealand Government
  • National Partners
  • Governments
  • Policy makers
  • Livestock farmers
  • Identify ruminant production systems in target countries for detailed GHG emission assessments.
  • Analyse and prioritize country and system-specific opportunities to improve animal productivity and reduce enteric methane emission intensity.
  • Develop packages of appropriate cost-effective technologies and recommend policy options to reduce emission intensity.
  • Identify demonstration sites and partners for farm testing of the technical packages.
  • Develop and disseminate communication and outreach materials.
  • Enhanced institutional capacity and knowledge sharing.
  • Increased awareness and policy advocacy.
  • Catalysed funding for methane mitigation.
  • Initiated collaborative partnerships for methane mitigation in the agricultural sector.
SDGs1281213 15
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