Farmers' Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (FO4ACP)



FAO, IFAD, and Procasur will facilitate the exchange of experiences among leaders of rural farmers' associations to improve their business capacities and skills. 

The Learning Route had as its main theme "Moving up the value chain! Moving the business and associative capacities of small rural producers' organizations", and was held from October 25 to 29, 2022 with 14 representatives from 7 Farmers’ Organizations.
At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, FAO Guyana recently partnered with IICA to host a Gender and Youth Symposium as part of activities that led up to World Food Day 2022. Through this partnership youth and gender activists, agribusiness entrepreneurs, government technicians, and academicians gathered to dialogue about challenges and opportunities in the agriculture sector.

FAO, IFAD and Procasur will facilitate the exchange of experiences between leaders of rural farmers' associations to improve their capacities and business skills. 


The Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific in collaboration with FAO Jamaica have so far conducted two policy dialogues forums to further support improvements in the policy framework to strengthen the capacity of Farmers’ Organizations to promote sustainable Family Farming i...

Family farmers need to be at the centre of transforming agrifood systems, FAO Director-General says

The Farmers' Organization of Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (FO4ACP) Programme presents its strategy for capacity-building in farmers' organizations in Guyana.


Conflict management, gender equality, women empowerment, effective strategic communication design, and constructive dialogue with government counterparts and among Farmer organizations are some of the priorities agreed upon for CANROP’s action plan for the next 12 months.


Between July 11 and 16, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations together with the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP) will begin a series of workshops for the training of its members under the FO4ACP Programme.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) invites all organizations linked to family farming to submit proposals for meetings that promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge, and actively participate in the Regional Technical Platform on Family Farming.
Cuban organizations, institutions and projects that work with young people held an Experience Exchange Fair this weekend, with the aim of strengthening the differentiated work of the Center for Youth Studies, the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and the Association Cuban Association of Farmers and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF) with its young associates, in support of the implementation of the Plan for Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education (Plan SAN).
Jamaica Workshop

The Farmers’ Organization for African, Caribbean and the Pacific (FO4ACP) Programme sets plans into motion for capacity building training of six Jamaican Farmers’ Organizations


Selected farmers’ organization set to receive support to increase production, access to markets and public services for their farmers


During the month of April and until Tuesday, May 3 2022, all applications options will remain open so that the farmers’ organizations can apply.

The outcome of this project has a very significant contribution or alignment to the new LCDS since actions on land oriented to monitor and restore degraded lands will contribute to land degradation neutrality and reforestation. Thus, the forested area will ultimately grow along with the country's carbon (CO2) sink.
The school feeding programme in Guyana dates as far back as forty (40) years ago and continues to positively impact the nutrition and health of children and adolescents receiving nursery, primary or secondary education which represents some 48.6% of the total student population in the country.
The 37th Regional Conference will take place in Quito, Ecuador, with the presence of the President of the host country, Guillermo Lasso, the Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador, Pedro Álava, Ministers of State of the 33 countries of the region, the Director-General of the FAO, QU Dongyu, the FAO Regional Representative, Julio Berdegué, international experts, members of the private sector, civil society, the United Nations system and the academic world.

Within the framework of the Farmers Organizations For African, Caribbean and Pacific Project (FO4ACP), a workshop was held with the Caribbean Network of Women Producers (CANROP) and members of FAO, with the objective of advancing in the strengthening of producer organizations in the Caribbean, understanding the role they play in the transformation of our food systems.