The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism

Sessions at international events

The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) often participates in international events and conferences with sessions that see the involvement and contribution of many FLRM team members.

These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to discuss important themes and issues regarding forest and landscape restoration and present lessons learned, share new tools or approaches and always attract large attendance.

Please find the recordings of past FLRM-led/co-led sessions below

Science based action and enhancing capacities for ecosystem restoration: A Decade for collaboration  

Watch the video to learn more about the final set of principles applicable to all restorative activities, the key aspects to consider when implementing high-quality ecosystem restoration backed up by science, and the capacity gaps and barriers to undertake restoration at global level.

The Restoration Initiative: Catalysing Action on Restoration  

Watch the video to hear first-hand the experiences of key partners working on the front lines of restoration, and how TRI is helping to support and inform other ongoing and emerging restoration work.

Disseminating knowledge and developing capacities for restoration: A Task Force on Best Practices  

This session was the occasion to introduce and discuss the three key products developed by the Task Force: a set of key principles defining ecosystem restoration; the results of an assessment, undertaken at global level, that provides an overview of current strengths, gaps, needs and barriers to achieve global restoration goals; the template that will serve as the basis to collect and widely share good practices for restoration among peers worldwide throughout the Decade.

The Restoration Factory  

The Restoration Factory is an e-learning programme developed by UNEP, FAO and IUCN that supports entrepreneurs in the development of enticing business models for restoration. The side event showcases the ways in which this programme can harness the expertise of a community of private sector mentors who are committed to guiding mentees through each step of their business discovery journey.

Forest and landscape restoration as an economic enterprise and driver of job creation  

The session brought experts and practitioners together to explore how to identify and establish bankable or investible restoration projects to convince restoration investors about the potential and feasibility of restoration beyond the environmental and social impacts.