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The bioenergy and nutrition nexus

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Nutrition and bioenergy production and use are highly interlinked. When sustainably produced and used, sustainable bioenergy does not harm food security and nutrition, instead it can provide multiple opportunities for sustainable development, with mutual benefits for both nutrition and energy security. 

GBEP facilitates knowledge sharing about good practices across bioenergy value chains that could positively impact nutrition security.

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This literature review identifies the various positive interlinkages between bioenergy and nutrition that have been explored in existing research, especially implications on food and nutrition security, and the impacts on agricultural land and soil quality, which could influence nutrient contents of food, and other aspects of health related to nutrition. It is intended to highlight good practices in bioenergy production that can have positive impacts on nutrition.

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This report presents 24 indicators of sustainability regarding the production and use of modern bioenergy, to monitor and report on the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable development. The GBEP Sustainability Indicators (GSIs) are a relevant, practical, science-based tool that can inform policy-makers and other stakeholders in countries seeking to develop their bioenergy sector to help meet national goals of sustainable development.

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Exploring the bioenergy-nutrition nexus

This webinar explores the nexus between bioenergy and nutrition, and present opportunities where this nexus could be leveraged by both nutrition and...

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Webinar: Exploring the bioenergy-nutrition nexus

This webinar represents a joint effort between GBEP and FAO to explore the nexus between bioenergy and nutrition, and present opportunities where this...

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