Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO


In Guatemala, “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” targets its efforts at a territorial level in the department of Chiquimula, where the Programme has promoted and validated innovative practices for a sustainable hydrobiological and agricultural production, facilitating access to nutritious foods and generating better opportunities for family farmers. 

At a national level, the Programme focuses on the creation of instruments, which facilitate the definition, and implementation of targeted policies for family farming. These actions play a crucial role on focusing public policy efforts to ensure that their benefits can reach the peripheries, and creating opportunities to face the new challenges of the most vulnerable communities.

Some of the results achieved and the actions that “Mesoamerica Hunger Free AMEXCID-FAO” supports in Guatemala are the following:


  • Elaboration of a territorial plan for the National Policy for Comprehensive Rural Development and the formation of the Territorial Management Nucleus of the Copan Chortí municipal association.
  • Reinforcement of the Technical Commission of the Family Farming Program for the Strengthening of Rural Economy.
  • Preparation of a proposal of Law of family farming.
  • Creation of income alternatives and capacity building of family farmers regarding community organization, linkage to markets and rural tourism promotion.
  • Strengthening capacities of family producers associated to Chortí Fresca on vegetable and tilapia production, and rabbit breeding.
  • Definition of technical and operative guidelines to implement public purchase to family farming.
  • Improvement of infrastructure for school feeding in Chiquimula.
  • Technical assistance for production diversification initiatives and pilot youth enterprises. 
  • Development of a strategy to ensure healthy environments in schools participating in the School Feeding Program. 
  • Development of a platform to monitor purchases to family farming for school feeding. 
  • Definition of a strategy to promote youth entrepreneurship. 
  • Development of a model to territorialize the Great National Crusade for Nutrition.