Scaling up Climate Ambition on Land Use and Agriculture through Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans (SCALA) 

FAO/Victor Sokolowicz

Systems-level assessments I (Internal)


This webinar was organized to target all colleagues in FAO and UNDP country, regional and global offices working under the SCALA programme, including any national consultants who may be undertaking systems-level assessments and relevant government counterparts who might be engaged in carrying out the systems-level assessments at the country level. 

The webinar was designed to introduce participants to key concepts – including typologies, methodologies, tools and resources – that can be applied when undertaking systems-level assessments and to enhance understanding on the practical steps that are involved in planning systems-level assessments. It was followed by a series of dedicated technical sessions with SCALA country representatives to provide tailored guidance based on the priorities and thematic focus of the assessments they will be undertaking. 


The webinar aimed to: 

  • Provide an overview of systems-level assessments and what they mean under SCALA; 
  • Describe different types of systems-level assessments planned under SCALA and the methodologies, tools and resources that will be used to undertake each;
  • Generate an exchange between SCALA country teams on the key elements of planning systems-level assessments
  • Generate an exchange on how to address key cross-cutting issues, including multi-stakeholder coordination, PSE and gender & social inclusion within systems assessments and the process for carrying them out.  

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