International Mountain Day
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2022 Women move mountains

Mountain women of the world – Challenges, resilience and collective power

FAO and the Mountain Partnership, together with the Feminist Hiking Collective, launched a new publication to celebrate International Mountain Day 2022 - download here

2021 Sustainable tourism in mountains

Mountain tourism – Towards a more sustainable path

FAO and UNWTO launched a new publication to celebrate International Mountain Day 2021 - download here.

2020 Mountain biodiversity

Children's activities

  • This file contains a word search and colouring pages on mountain biodiversity.




2019 Mountains matter for youth

Fact Sheet


  • Presentations for educators
  • This file contains two presentations - one for ages 5 to 12 and another for ages 11 to 16. There are also presentation notes to assist educators.

2018 #MountainsMatter

2017 Mountains under pressure: Climate, hunger and migration

2016 Mountain cultures: Celebrating diversity and strengthening identity

2015 Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods

2014 Mountain family farmers: Feeding people, nurturing the planet

2013 Mountains: Key to a sustainable future

2011 Mountain forests: roots to our future

2012 Celebrating mountain life

2010 Mountain minorities and indigenous peoples

2009 Disaster risk management in mountains

2008 Food security in mountains

2007 Facing change: climate change in mountain areas


Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.