Comisión Internacional del Álamo y otros Árboles de Crecimiento Rápido que Sustentan a la Población y al Medio Ambiente


Full IPC Sessions are hosted every four years in a different region of the world. Each Session has a theme reflecting priority applications of poplars and willows in that region. Participants include policy makers, planners, scientists, managers, users, academics from public and private institutions, landowners, indigenous peoples and students with an interest in growing and using poplars and willows.

Sessions of the IPC Executive Committee are hosted every two years by the IPC Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the driving force of the International Poplar Commission. It has 12 members elected in a personal capacity for a four-year term, and a maximum of five members co-opted for the same duration. All candidates are presented by member countries for their special competence. The committee meets during each session of the IPC and at least once between sessions.

Technical meetings are organized by National Poplar Commissions or by countries or other research institutions.