Markets and Trade

No. 12 Rice: what do analytical model results tell us?

Year of publication2005
Abstract2004 was declared the International Year of Rice by the United Nations General Assembly, a tribute to a commodity that is the staple food for about half of the world’s population and also a major income earner in developing countries. Because of its strategic importance, rice has been subject to a host of policy interventions that have made it feature among the most distorted of all agricultural commodities. For this reason, rice is frequently specified in models that analyse the effects of trad e liberalization. The objective of this technical note is to review and compare the various analytical tools employed to assess such impacts, with the ultimate aim of shedding some light on critical issues under discussion in the current WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations.
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Product typeJournal, magazine, bulletin
Areas of workTrade Policy and Partnerships
Keywordsrice; economic analysis; international trade; WTO; trade policies; analytical methods; regulations; trade