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Food Price Monitoring and Analysis (FPMA) Bulletin #6, 12 July 2022

Monthly Report on Food Price Trends

Year of publication2022
AbstractInternational wheat and maize prices decreased in June, reflecting seasonally increased availabilities of wheat in Northern Hemisphere exporters and of maize in Southern Hemisphere exporters. By contrast, strong demand for “Indica” and ”Basmati” rice, coupled with thinning ”Basmati” availabilities, kept international rice prices on the rise in June. Based on latest available data, FAO analysis indicates that the number of countries facing abnormally elevated levels of food prices remained high in June. While reduced domestic supplies, national macroeconomic difficulties and/or localized insecurity remain the underlying drivers of the high prices in many cases, the disruptive impact of the war in Ukraine on international food, fuel and fertilizer markets remains a major cause especially for countries highly dependent on imported wheat and coarse grains.
Available inEnglish
Product typeJournal, magazine, bulletin
SeriesFood Price Monitoring and Analysis (FPMA)
Areas of workGlobal Information and Early Warning System
KeywordsFood prices; market prices; wholesale prices; early warning systems; cereals; maize; wheat; millets; rice.