Markets and Trade

Aglink-Cosimo Model

A partial equilibrium model of world agricultural markets

Year of publication2022
Abstract Aglink-Cosimo is the model used to generate the market projections provided in the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook. This annual publication has wide outreach and serves as a reference to policy makers, stakeholders, and researchers to identify possible future challenges and opportunities for the agricultural sector. Researchers and policy analysists also use this model to assess possible future economic, weather, and political developments that differ from those presented in the Outlook. The present documentation builds on the one issued in 2015. It contains the latest model developments, including the modelling of biofuels and land use, and the calculation of post-model indicators.
Available inEnglish
ThemeContemporary Global Issues
Product typeBook (stand-alone)
Areas of workTrade Policy and Partnerships
Keywordsagricultural sector; markets; forecasting; biofuels; land markets; modelling