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FAO FERM x Restor join forces to support implementation and monitoring of ecosystem restoration


Yesterday, the world celebrated The International Day of Forests, a moment to mark the importance of natural, biodiverse forests for climate mitigation and adaptation, for the millions of people who directly depend on forests for their livelihoods and basic needs, and for the multitude of species that inhabit these ecosystems.

On the occasion of the FAO International Forests Day event, Tom Crowther, Restor’s Founder alongside the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) announced the collaborative partnership to spotlight restoration efforts in each country that contribute to Target 2 of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

In 2022, governments came together in Montreal, Canada and agreed upon a the Biodiversity Plan for life on earth. Target 2 of the GBF aims for 30% of land and sea areas to be under effective restoration by 2030.

FAO is the custodian of the Target and the Framework for Ecosystem Restoration Monitoring (FERM) is the official monitoring platform of Target 2, to ensure transparent tracking of restoration progress.

"FAO is excited to partner with Restor, championing innovation, transparency and inclusivity in ecosystem restoration. This collaboration aims to mobilize everyone, from individuals to governments, toward restoring our planet." – Julian Fox, Senior Forestry Officer, FAO Forestry Division


FERM, serving as both a geospatial platform and registry of restoration initiatives, is gathering and disseminating data to monitor Target 2 for countries that have committed to the GBF, using the indicator area under restoration. To collect this data, FERM is collaborating with various established platforms like Restor, Restoration Barometer, Nature Commitments, WDPA, Ramsar, and UNCCD PRAIS, gathering both official government-reported data and non-state actor data on restoration efforts in each country.

This collaboration exemplifies our collective commitment to empower the vast network of nature stewards, enabling them to amplify their impact through Restor, and connect their local work to the goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Together, we are setting a course towards a future where every action contributes to the restoration and preservation of our planet's invaluable forests." - Tom Elliott, CEO Restor.

Restor is excited to be a part of this data collection effort. As the largest online nature conservation and restoration community, with an extensive network of non-state actors, Restor is well positioned to support FERM in better understanding the state of nature restoration across the world. For the first time, Restor makes visible the hundreds of thousands of nature practitioners who are taking action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

International Day of Forests 2024 - Session Technical 2