Pastoralist Knowledge Hub

Why partner?

Many organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of pastoralist livelihoods, the need to improve their own knowledge on pastoralism and the need to establish a dialogue with pastoralists in order to achieve development goals. This work is more efficiently done when a coordination tool is in place, such as the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub.

Through the Hub, partners have the possibility to share their documents, studies and information in the knowledge repository. In this way, pastoralists and other stakeholders needing information on pastoralism will be able to browse all available information. This in turn makes the resources of each partner more visible and accessible to others.

Through the Hub, each partner can also access a wide pastoral network with the associated pastoralist civil society organizations. By sharing the pool of contacts, each partner can achieve a wider outreach with better dialogues and consultations.

The Hub itself can be used as a forum to establish dialogue with pastoralists and with the rest of the Hub partners in order to find out about knowledge or policy gaps, or about intervention needs.