Pesticide Registration Toolkit

Registration based on local evaluations

Registration based on local evaluations is the approach where a registration authority conducts a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the pesticide registration dossier. As much as possible, locally generated data are used (e.g. for efficacy, residues, environment), and locally specific efficacy and risk assessments are conducted.

Generally, the registrar will evaluate following aspects of a pesticide:

A comprehensive evaluation, based on local data and locally specific assessments, requires that a registration authority has access to a broad range of local expertise as well as sufficient financial resources to conduct assessments.

In the Assessment Methods tool, methods to evaluate the various aspects of a pesticide are provided, at different levels of complexity and required resources. The registration authority can choose which assessment method it prefers to use, for each of the aspects of the registration dossier. 

Since data generation as well as the assessment of product efficacy, quality and risks, is very time-consuming and expensive, the majority of registration authorities attempt to share data, conduct joint reviews and agree on regional/global standards and assessments. Registration based on resource rationalization is increasingly sought after. This can be done in many different ways that optimize the use of existing data and evaluations and reduce the costs of registration.