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La ley chilena de etiquetado de alimentos / The Chilean food labelling law

An adequate nutrition provides us with the necessary energy for the appropriate functioning and care of our body, and is the first defence against diseases. However, many people today still do not have access to food, do not eat enough or do not eat poorly. Nutrition problems (malnutrition, obesity, etc.) encompass inappropriate choices and practices that can be addressed through effective public policies.

In this context, parliamentary alliances such as the Parliamentary Front against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean, and specialized agencies such as FAO, play a key role in educating consumers and preventing diseases. During an event on the role of parliamentarians in improving global nutrition, on 14 June 2018 at FAO headquarters, Senator Guido Girardi Lavin presented the Chilean initiative aimed at fighting against unhealthy foods. Also participating at the event were Jesús Manuel Gracia Aldaz, former Ambassador of Spain to the Italian State, and Anna Lartey, Director of FAO’s Nutrition and Food Systems Division.

This publication is a collection of the speeches that took place on this occasion.   

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