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Monitoring Policy Impacts (MPI). The eight methodo-"logical" steps for MPI. EASYPol Series 057

This paper presents the eight methodo-“logical” steps for monitoring policy impacts (MPI), comprising:

  • Step 1: Initiation and preparation of MPI
  • Step 2: Policy review and analysis
  • Step 3: Development of the impact model
  • Step 4: Selection of impact indicators
  • Step 5: Research design
  • Step 6: Information and data collection
  • Step 7: Data compilation, processing and analysis
  • Step 8: Feedback of results of MPI to policy makers, clients, public.

It is pointed out that the eight steps represent a logical sequence but that the steps are closely interlinked and that there are likely possible feedback cycles to previous steps. In a concluding section, conditions for a practical application of MPI to specific policy cases are set out.

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Metz, M.