Governance of Tenure


Partners Event on coordinating a Covid-19 response while monitoring the effect on governance of tenure and determining how to build back better


The event's objective will be to gain a better understanding of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on land tenure security and consequently on food and nutrition security, particularly of small farmers, pastoralists, indigenous communities and rural women, while reflecting on the importance of achieving SDG land targets as an enabling factor for SDG 2.
The speakers at this CFS partners event will engage in an interactive discussion on how a response to the global COVID- 19 crisis should include the use of internationally accepted regulatory frameworks, primarily the VGGT, to avoid or mitigate the adverse impacts of COVID-19, particularly on those with weak or insecure tenure rights. They will also examine how the donor community and the land sector can work together effectively to respond to this on-going global pandemic.
We welcome all participants to pose their questions prior to and during this CFS partners event on land tenure.