Increasing Agricultural Productivity in Africa: Can STI help Africa to make a quantum leap in agricultural productivity?

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The productivity of Africa’s agriculture is low as the continent’s crop yields have lagged behind the rest of the world.  More than half of the labour force work in agriculture, and the labour productivity very low. The agriculture ‘value added’ per worker in Sub-Saharan Africa is less than half the global average. The yields of the main cereal crops have stagnated at less than 25% of potentially attainable yields. The low yields are largely attributed to lack of access to inputs, technologies and advisory services, and low input use efficiency under rainfed conditions where climate change and associated climate variability with frequent droughts and floods reduce crop yields. In some parts of Africa, low agricultural productivity is associated with transboundary pest and diseases. These low crop yields have led to increased food insecurity, poverty and malnutrition, which are likely to worsen as the population grows. Improved see varieties, fertilizers, and access to other inputs such as machinery and irrigation could contribute to increasing agricultural productivity in Africa among many others. This event will highlight the reasons for low agricultural productivity and present the potential of science, technology and innovation to increase the agricultural productivity improve the situation.

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