Investment in Research for Development: Are we on the Right Track?

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Investments in agricultural research remains extremely low, especially in low- and lower-middle-income countries. For every 100 dollars of agricultural GDP, only between 34 and 72 cents are being spent on agricultural research and development. The investment is uneven, as very few high-income countries were responsible for almost 60 percent while spending in low-income countries was just 2 percent of the global total. Investing in agricultural research for development is critical to address the growing global and local problems affecting agrifood systems. A large number of evidence-based studies have demonstrated that investments in agricultural research can yield substantial economic and social benefits. They have also been shown to deliver beneficial impacts on the environment and natural resources management. Investments in agricultural research and development will be essential if farmers worldwide are to successfully overcome the tremendous challenges they will face now and in the coming decades. This special event will provide a global overview of the current situation regarding investments in agricultural research for development and future demand and prospects.

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