Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/AFG/3606 Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to perform Policy Gap Analysis 2018 2019232,000$
TCP/AFG/3603/C2 TCPF: Five-Year Strategic Development Programme for the Independent Land Authority of Afghanistan (ARAZI) 2017 201886,000$
TCP/AFG/3604/C3 TCPF: Technical Assistance to establish Geographical Indication system in Afghanistan 2017 201883,999$
TCP/AFG/3605/C4 TCPF: National Agricultural Research Strategy Development 2017 201890,000$
TCP/AFG/3601 Afghanistan Soil Information System (AfSIS) 2016 2018497,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/AFG/801/USA Strengthening coordination of humanitarian food security response planning, implementation and monitoring 2018 2018550,000$
OSRO/AFG/803/WFP Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) 2018 2018200,000$
OSRO/AFG/502/JCA Enhancing Agriculture Production through Irrigation Improvement and Strengthening of Institutional C 2016 201813,094,763$
OSRO/AFG/402/JPN Building resilience and self-reliance of livestock keepers by improving control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) and other Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) 2014 201816,754,787$
UTF /AFG/090/AFG Technical Assistance to implement the on farm water management project (OFWM) 2017 2018550,001$
UTF /AFG/080/AFG Dairy Industry Development in Kabul, Logar and Parwan provinces 2014 20208,521,122$
UTF /AFG/083/AFG Technical Assistance to SARD, Support to Agriculture and Rural Development, in Karokh and Zindajan districts of Herat Province 2014 2019936,079$
UTF /AFG/070/AFG Irrigation Restoration and Development Project 2011 201934,704,076$
GCP /AFG/093/SWI Household food and livelihood Security in Bamyan Province 2017 20217,000,000$
GCP /AFG/089/USA Promoting Value Chains- Western Afghanistan 2017 202019,000,000$
GCP /AFG/091/GER Technical assistance to the Implementation of the Food and Nutrition Security Strategy in Afghanistan 2017 20201,370,000$
GCP /AFG/087/EC Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions capacity for the assessment of agriculture production and scenario development 2017 20192,653,928$
GCP /AFG/088/LUX Household Food and Livelihood Security (HFLS) and Support to the Development of an effective Extension System Phase III 2017 20192,123,142$
GCP /AFG/081/GFF Reducing GHG emissions by promoting community forestry, removing barriers to sustainable biomass energy, and laying the groundwork for climate change mitigation in Afghanistan (MSP) 2016 20191,735,160$
GCP /AFG/083/GFF Community-based sustainable land and forest management in Afghanistan (PPG) 2016 2018300,000$
GCP /AFG/038/GER Rehabilitation of the Sugar Industry in Baghlan: Technical and Managerial Support for Small Family Farmer Participation in the Sugar Beet Supply Chain 2005 20181,399,284$
UNJP/AFG/094/MUL Support to the establishment of National Technical Secretariat of the High-Level Food Security and Nutrition Steering Committee 2018 2020280,108$