Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/VIE/3601/C1 TCPF: Tackling emerging diseases of Vietnam`s cassava crops, with emphasis on CMV - Applied plant health research to participatory technology validation 2017 201997,000$
TCP/VIE/3603 Strengthening the agro-climatic information system to improve the agricultural drought monitoring and early warning system in Vietnam (NEWS), pilot study in the Ninh Thuan province 2017 2019162,000$
TCP/VIE/3604 Policy-based support to agriculture production in line with new rural development, sustainable poverty reduction and Zero Hunger Initiative of Vietnam 2017 2019267,000$
TCP/VIE/3605 Emergency support to restore the livelihoods of the poor farming poultry producers affected by El-Niño- induced drought and salt-water intrusion effects 2017 2018400,000$
TCP/VIE/3607/C3 TCPF: Capacity development in drafting law on crop production 2017 201830,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/VIE/701/IPD Improving Hatchery and Parent flock Management Practices in Viet Nam 2017 201883,518$
OSRO/VIE/702/EC Drought Forecast Based Financing for Food security, livelihoods and WASH in Vietnam 2017 2018904,923$
OSRO/VIE/402/USA Risk Mitigation and Management of Human Health Threats Along Animal Value Chain 2014 20198,200,000$
UNJP/VIE/049/UNJ-GLOBAL UN-REDD Viet Nam Phase II Programme 2012 201812,785,155$