Country Leaflet

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TCP/SUD/3802 Technologies for rain fed groundnut yield maximization in North Kordofan State 2020 2022492,000$
TCP/SUD/3801 Emergency preparedness and response to Desert Locust infestation in Sudan 2020 2021300,000$
TCP/SUD/3702 Watershed Management to Strengthen Resilience to rain-fed Dry Spells in Gadaref State ? Sudan 2019 2021396,000$
TCP/SUD/3703 Development of Date Palm Products and By-products Value Chains in Sudan 2019 2021400,000$
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OSRO/SUD/001/CHA Enhancing the agriculture and livestock based livelihood situation of the most vulnerable households from the IDPs, Returnees and host communities. 2020 20212,973,215$
OSRO/SUD/004/AFB EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE TO Support Desert Locust Surveys, Monitoring and Control Operations in Sudan 2020 20211,500,000$
OSRO/SUD/005/CHF Strengthening Desert Locust Surveillance and Control Operations to Prevent and Mitigating the Impact 2020 20212,400,000$
OSRO/SUD/006/UMD Strengthening local capacities to address intercommunal violence and to find sustainable solutions to its root causes in Darfur, Sudan 2020 20211,128,581$
OSRO/SUD/008/CHF Addressing the food security and livelihood needs for the vulnerable population in Abuhojar locality 2020 2021400,000$
OSRO/SUD/009/BEL Improving the resilience of agricultural livelihoods in Blue Nile, North Darfur and Sennar States using a Cash + scheme for food insecure households impacted by floods and COVID-19 2020 2021500,000$
OSRO/SUD/010/BEL Restoring crop productive capacity and improving access to food of the most vulnerable flood-affected farmer households in Blue Nile and Kassala states of Sudan 2020 2021500,000$
UNFA/SUD/091/UND Building Resilient Communities in Blue Nile State 2019 2021939,222$
UTF /SUD/079/SUD Support for the design of the MRV System in the framework of REDD+ Readiness in the Sudan 2016 20213,323,024$
GCP /SUD/082/GCR Strengthening adaptation planning processes and capacity for implementation of adaptation actions in agricultural and water sectors in Sudan 2020 20221,479,480$
GCP /SUD/085/CPR Technical Assistance under the South-South Cooperation (SSC) with the People?s Republic of China in Support of the Implementation of the National Agriculture Investment Plan (2016-2020) in the Republic of the Sudan 2020 20221,382,761$
GCP /SUD/917/GFF Landscape Approach to Riverine Forest Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Improvement (PPG) 2020 2021150,000$
GCP /SUD/087/ITA Solar Pumps for Sustainable Livelihood in Sudan 2019 20211,304,265$
GCP /SUD/089/ITA Strengthen the Sudan Meteorological Authority`s hydro-meteorological network and climate services 2019 2021580,971$
GCP /SUD/084/EC Greater Stability in Eastern Sudan through better and more informed Decision-Making in Food Security 2018 20227,453,416$
GCP /SUD/074/EC Promote the provision for legitimate land tenure rights using VGGT to conflict displaced communities including small scale rural farmers, pastoralist, and IDPs in Darfur region 2016 20213,327,747$
UNJP/SUD/094/UNO Recovering from Conflict: Integrated Support for Most Vulnerable Communities in South Kordofan 2020 2022328,621$
UNJP/SUD/093/PBF East Darfur: Triangle of Peace and Coexistence: Building the social cohesion of communities receiving youth returnees as a bridge to peaceful and effective reintegration. 2020 20211,095,972$
UNJP/SUD/088/UID Upgrading the Sudanese Sesame seeds value chain 2018 2021291,088$
UNJP/SUD/080/EC Improved nutritional status of vulnerable and deprived communities in Sudan through large scale food fortification, home fortification, and the introduction of bio-fortified crops in rural communities 2016 20211,130,308$