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2-day workshop: Value Chain Analysis. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of value chain–related policies and value chain performance monitoring.
Assessing Socio-Economic & Environmental Impacts of policies using the FAO VCA-Tool 3.1 (FAO HQ 12-13 June 2013)
The FAO 2-day workshop aims to introduce participants to the FAO VCA-Tool 3.1 software, a dedicated tool for CBA of value chain-related policies and value chain performance monitoring.

Learn how to carry out CBA of policy options and value chain performance monitoring by means of the FAO VCA-Tool 3.1 software
  • store and organize data for different agents
  • structure the accounting framework of the value chain
  • calibrate flows of different value chain segments
  • compute inflows, outflows, value added, profits for each agent and for whole value chains
  • compute reference (shadow) prices
  • compute competitiveness and protection indicators
  • build and compare alternative policy impact scenarios monitoring its performance

  • Find out how to address specific policy-relevant development issues in crop, livestock, forestry and fishery production and how to deal with economic, environmental and social aspects (gender, food security, poverty, etc.) in a value chain framework through real country case studies (Viet Nam, Mali, Burkina Faso, Syria, Nigeria, Kenya, etc) and how the FAO VCA-Tool can be used in practice.
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    Background material
  • FAO VCA-Tool 3.1 software»
  • VCA for policy making: Methodological guidelines for a quantitative approach»
  • Manual for FAO VCA-Tool 3.1»

  • See all FAO VCA-Tool related resources under the resource package
    Value Chain Analysis

    Resource persons
  • Lorenzo Giovanni Bellù, Policy Officer, Economist, ESA
  • Lucia Battaglia, International Consultant, ESA
  • :Fabrizio Moscatelli, International Consultant, ESA

  • Sign up: Contact :paola.landolfi@fao.org to register for the workshop.