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New releases: Selected Bioenergy and Food Security publications now available on FAO’s EASYPol
Originally published by FAO's Bioenergy and Food Security Project, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, now available on EASYPol's resource package: Bioenergy and food security»

Assessment of bioenergy potential
EASYPol’s selection of Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) publications highlight FAO’s work on bioenergy and its environmental and socio-economic impacts helping countries design and implement sustainable bioenergy policies and strategies, by ensuring that bioenergy development fosters both food and energy security, and that it contributes to agricultural and rural development in a climate-smart way.

These publications include an introductory document on the BEFS approach, a compilation of methodologies and tools, applied analytical case studies, good environmental/socio-economic practices, among others.

A new EASYPol topic category: Energy and climate change
To reflect the new scope of these publications, there is an additional topic category Energy and climate change» which broadens the existing range of complementary, cross-cutting thematic areas of FAO’s EASYPol policy resources.

The FAO Bioenergy and Food Security project
For a complete overview of FAO’s work and publications in this area, see the project website: http://www.fao.org/energy/befs/»

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