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Technical oversight for the Global Action will be provided by FAO’s Plant Production and Protection Division and the IPPC Secretariat. FAO will provide technical and organizational support by facilitating the Steering Committee, the Technical Committee and Technical Working Groups (TWG), conferences, meetings, scientific visits and video conferences. FAO will also provide support to research activities and farmer training, and through development of Global Action plans to ensure a coordinated approach, avoiding overlap and duplication.

The Global Action will draw on the technical expertise and experience of all relevant technical divisions in FAO. Elements of both Norway’s pest and disease platform, VIPS; and China’s Monitoring and Early Warning System will be integrated into the FAO application for data and information collection, to support the FAW Monitoring and Early Warning System (FAMEWS).

Technical oversight and input to programme activities and strategy will also come from the Technical Committee and the 7 TWGs, which are comprised of international experts and main research partners in each of the thematic areas of the sustainable FAW management components. National experts and representatives from regional economic committees and national research centres, such as the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), are represented in these groups. The TWGs directly and indirectly underpin components of the Global Action for fall armyworm control by providing technical support for partnerships on the sustainable management of fall armyworm; and making recommendations about priorities and gaps. They play a technical advisory role in the programme and to the Technical Committee. In addition to this, the TWG experts will facilitate the work of planning and testing different technologies in support of national Task forces in the different regions.

The day-to-day implementation and technical oversight of the Global Action is provided by FAO, with the Director of the Plant Production and Protection (AGP) designated as the Senior Manager in FAO. The Director is supported by the AGP Deputy Director, the IPPC Secretary, and the Chief Technical Advisor for fall armyworm – a Senior Officer of FAO who provides the day-to-day coordination of the Action.

Membership list, ToRs

Membership list, ToRs

Regional Steering Committees


Membership list, TORs

  • 17 June 2020: Asia Pacific Regional Steering Committee
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