Совка кукурузная листовая

Совка кукурузная листовая, или Spodoptera frugiperda, - насекомое, которое водится в тропических и субтропических регионах обеих Америк. На стадии гусеницы, если не принять меры, оно может причинять значительный ущерб посевам. Насекомое предпочитает кукурузу, но может питаться более чем 80 другими видами растений, включая рис, сорго, пшено, сахарный тростник, овощные культуры и хлопок.

Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control

FAO’s new global initiative will take radical, direct and coordinated measures to strengthen prevention and pest control capacities at a global level. It will complement and bolster ongoing FAO activities on FAW.

The Global Action will establish a global coordination mechanism for an open and collaborative dialogue towards common solutions. It will also support the establishment and scaling up of national Task Forces on FAW, and the mobilization of resources for applied research geared towards practical and efficient solutions. [+]

Глобальная платформа: Система мониторинга и раннего предупреждения FAW (FAMEWS)


FAW was first detected in Central and Western Africa in early 2016 and has quickly spread across virtually all of Sub-Saharan Africa. In July 2018 it was confirmed in India and Yemen.  By December 2018, it had been reported in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In June 2019 it has been reported in Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt and the Republic of Korea. Japan reported presence of FAW in July 2019.