Terminology Projects

FAO works with the other Rome-based agencies, IFAD and WFP, and with other international organizations for collaborative exchange and management of terminology.

In the past, a few ad  hoc projects have been carried out with other international organizations for the research of language equivalents in the languages and fields where they were missing.  The bodies involved in this exercise were the following:

- TERMIUM (Translation Bureau of Canada), Canada
- National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA, France
- Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, AOAD, Sudan
- International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, ICARDA, Syrian Arab Republic
- Arabization Coordination Bureau, ACB, Morocco
- Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, CAAS, China
- Shanghai Fisheries University, Shanghai, China
- Centre for Marketing Information and Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Arab Region, INFOSAMAK, Morocco
- International Union of Forest Research Organizations, IUFRO, Austria
- Institute for Atmospheric Pollution (IIA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Italy
- Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, ESCWA, Beirut, Lebanon

Through the Meeting Programming and Documentation Service, FAO normally participates in the International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT), that provides its partners with a forum for debate, exchange of expertise and cooperation in the fields of computer-assisted terminology and translation, interpretation and documentation retrieval.

In addition, the Meeting Programming and Documentation Service is starting partnerships with some universities in order to establish a continuous plan of collaboration. The universities currently selected for this project are based  in France, Belgium,  the Russian Federation, Lebanon, China and Italy.