Action Against Desertification


Desertification and land degradation are among the main causes of low agricultural productivity in Senegal. Extreme weather conditions related to climate change make matters worse, affecting food security, livelihoods and job opportunities, triggering forced migration from rural areas.

Action Against Desertification supports Senegal’s National Agency of the Great Green Wall working on community-based management of land and natural resources through the following activities:

Sustainable land management: 4 500 hectares of degraded land have been restored and wildlife is being reintroduced in a community-based nature reserve in Koyli-Alpha.

Income generating activities: a small business producing and selling non-timber forest products, led by women and youth, was established, while tourist services in the nature reserve are being developed by the communities of Koyli-Alpha.

Capacity development: 523 people, mainly women and youth, have been trained in sustainable forest management and restoration, as well as forest products and business development.

Action Against Desertification in Senegal [read more]

  • Intervention area: rural communities of Widou, Koyli-Alpha and Syer in northern Senegal
  • Population: 26 871 inhabitants
  • Surface: 4 418 000 hectares
  • Restoration potential: 2 120 600 hectares (48% of land area of northern Louga and Saint-Louis regions)