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The road back home

FAO’s seed distributions help Nigerian villagers recover their livelihoods.
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South Sudanese refugees regain livelihoods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

FAO empowers refugees and host communities to recover their livelihoods
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Championing rights and fair compensation for forest communities in Ghana

FAO helps Ghana clarify regulations to help improve farmers’ livelihoods
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Impact assessments help farmers in Asia and Latin America adapt to changing climates

FAO provides evidence on climate change impacts for shaping agricultural policies

Aligned with FAO’s mission to achieve food security for all, the In Action section features success stories covering the work carried out by the Organization around the world. It showcases examples of how FAO, working with national and international partners and donors, is supporting communities, families and individuals to improve their food security and livelihoods.

Stories are current and updated on a regular basis.

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