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The EMPRES-i Event Mobile Application is helping to improve the speed and efficiency of animal disease control in Uganda.
The European Union and FAO are working together to strengthen food security in Angola by boosting its veterinary services.
Charcoal smokers introduced by the South-South Cooperation programme have improved women’s income in the Edeha fish market.
FAO project supports over 2,700 farmers stand on their feet after severe floods wash away their fields.
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The impact of a major FAO South-South Cooperation Programme can be seen throughout Nigeria thanks to a cadre of Chinese experts and technicians.
Working with community radio stations, the listeners’ clubs empower their members to become actors in their own development.
In farmer field schools, 10 000 local gardeners have learned to reduce pesticide use, thus protecting family health and the environment.
The world’s pollinators are disappearing. The loss of pollinators is one of the pressing problems that agriculture faces today. FAO has responded to the loss of pollinators with the Global Pollination Project.
The Eurasia Foot-and-Mouth Disease Roadmap is an initiative implemented by FAO’s Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) for Animal Health, Plant Protection and Food Safety, to reduce the outbreaks of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in 14 Eurasian countries by 2020
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