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Remote sensing for water productivity

News and events

PlantVillage App fetches WaPOR data through API to help Kenya's farmers 

28-01-2019 An article on WIRED today features the innovation brought about by PlantVillage Nuru, an App that helps farmers detect crop diseases using Artificial Intelligence. PlantVillage is now able to get WaPOR data through APIs and show plant growth trend in the user's location. This combination of AI and satellites data is a unique opportunity to detect plant growth anomaly for farmers that do not have access to costly precision agriculture services.

WaPOR at the Asia Water Forum 2018

03-10-2018  A session at the AWF in Manila explored the use of WaPOR for monitoring investments in agriculture. Asia Water Forum 2018 aims to discuss ways to identify and adopt innovations that best address the requirements for a water-secure Asia and the Pacific, and to keep the profile of water high on the region’s development agenda.

Using WaPOR to assess water productivity in Oman

01-10-2018 The Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC), under the auspices of the Omani Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery and the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, organized the International Workshop "Using WaPOR tools to assess Water Productivity in agriculture of Oman". The workshop explored the WaPOR tool which has recently been developed by the FAO and offered a unique opportunity for Omani water stakeholders to explore the potential use of this technology to assess water use in agriculture in an effort to improve efficiency. 

WaPOR at World Bank and ESA awareness event

27-09-2018  The European Space Agency and the World Bank’s Agriculture Global Practice co-hosted an awareness event on “Earth Observation for Sustainable Agricultural Development” at the World Bank HQ in Washington DC on Thursday 27 September 2018. The event was organized within the framework of the EO4SD initiative’s dedicated activity cluster on ‘agriculture and rural development’.

WaPOR at the #HackAgainstHunger/Africa in Rwanda

20-08-2018  WaPOR is being showcased, among other FAO applications, during the Youth Employment in Agriculture Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Through the event #HackAgainstHunger/Africa, FAO is seeking innovative business models and new technologies to unlock the largely untapped reservoir of youth employment opportunities in food and agriculture in Africa.

WaPOR Coordination mission to Lebanon

June 2018 The coordination mission in June 2018 marked a change in focus of WaPOR activities in the country, engaging with key stakeholders to discuss in-country applications for WaPOR. The mission brought together FAO colleagues from headquarters, regional office in the Near East and North Africa and country office as well as key national stakeholder to create better synergies between different ongoing projects and activities.

WaPOR at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia

18-03-2018  The World Water Forum is the world’s biggest water-related event and is organized by the World Water Council (WWC), an international organization that brings together all those interested in the theme of water. WaPOR team participated in the event raising awareness on water accounting and water productivity monitoring through remote sensing.

Inception Workshop on country level activities in Mali

05-03-2018  An inception workshop was organized by FAO to present and discuss country level activities in Mali with the national counterparts and to analyse with them project implementation modalities. The workshop took place in Bamako on 7 March 2018 and followed a two days introductory training on WaPOR held by IHE-Delft.

WaPOR Project Progress Workshop in Rome

22-01-2018  The Progress Workshop of the Project “Remote Sensing for Water Productivity” (GCP/INT/229/NET) took place in FAO HQ in Rome, from 22 to 24 January 2018. The workshop thus came roughly halfway towards project implementation and few months before the new release of WaPOR, the FAO portal to monitor land and water productivity by remote sensing.

WaPOR at the 4th Arab Water Forum

27-11-2017  This tri-annual event promotes a regional platform for engaging Arab Water Council members, decision-makers, water resources experts, practitioners and institutions into dialogue on all aspects of water management for growth and sustainable development in the Arab Region. The presentation on WaPOR aimed at raising awareness on the water productivity database made available by FAO and gathering feedback from forum participants.

WaPOR at the Global Workshop for Monitoring SDG 6

24-11-2017  The UN-Water Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 organized a global workshop in The Hague, The Netherlands, gathering country representatives from across the world as well UN-Water Members and Partners. During a visit to IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the workshop participants received a presentation on WaPOR.

The great Egypt Water Productivity Hackathon

17-10-2017  MetaMeta and the 25% Water Productivity Alliance organized in Cairo a 24 hours event aiming at building applications based on the FAO WaPOR portal and database. Participants were encouraged to think of applications that can make a promising contribution to improved water management in Egypt.

Article on monitoring water use in agriculture using WaPOR

16-10-2017  An article was published on the blog hosted by VITO on remote sensing. The article was written by a member of the FRAME Consortium, which supports the data development for WaPOR, and shows how remote sensing is used to monitor water productivity in agriculture.

Inception Workshop on country level activities in Ethiopia

17-10-2017  An inception workshop was organized by FAO to present and discuss country level activities in Ethiopia with national counterparts. The workshop took place in Addis Abeba on 17 October 2017 and was followed by a two days introductory training on WaPOR held by UNESCO-IHE.