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Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing


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At sea transshipment practices are often considered one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in order to eliminate IUU fishing. The nature of at sea transshipment is an added barrier when trying to determine if the fish has been caught legally. Some RFMOs and States ban at sea transshipment altogether, while others allow it under certain circumstances and others still do not have explicit regulations on transshipment.

The growing recognition of the importance for regulating at sea transshipment has grown, and COFI, at its thirty-second session in 2016, encouraged FAO to initiate work on Transshipments and IUU fishing, including a review of current regulations and at sea transshipment practices.

In 2017, FAO initiated a global review of transshipment practices, including a literature study, a stakeholder survey and case studies. This global review was prepared and reviewed at the Expert Workshop on Transshipment and IUU fishing, held in Rome, 21–23 February 2018.