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Photo: ©FAO/Tofik Babayev
FAO welcomes the UN’s decision to create a decade on family farming, a World Bee Day, a day promoting awareness of the need to combat illegal fishing, and declare international years for camelids and sustainable fisheries.
Photo: ©FAO/Yanshu Li
Global production of major wood products surged in 2016 for the seventh consecutive year with an average growth rate of three to six percent, according to new data published by FAO today.
Photo: ©FAO/Cengiz Yar
Conflict and protracted crises in a handful of countries in the Near East and North Africa are hamstringing efforts to eradicate hunger in the region by 2030, according to a new FAO report.
Photo: ©FAO/Junior D. Kannah
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) are joining forces to mitigate some of the effects of conflict in Greater Kasai in DRC. The two agencies will be using US$10 million in Belgian government funding to improve access to food for more than 100,000 people.
Photo: ©FAO/Divya Sama
For the first time since the onset of the Boko Haram crisis, hunger has considerably declined in northeastern Nigeria. The number of people facing acute hunger has halved since June-August - from 5.2 million to 2.6 million people - according to the latest Cadre Harmonisé food security analysis.
Photo: ©FAO
FAO and ALADI, an association promoting regional economic integration, have rolled out a programme that has trained more than 50 small firms and family farming organizations in 13 countries how to improve their access to international markets.
Photo: ©FAO
On the sidelines of the One Planet summit in Paris, FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva and Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Minister of European and Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday signed FAO and France's new framework agreement guiding the two parties’ cooperation through 2021.
Photo: ©FAO/Sue Price
Without a renewed commitment to policy change, commodity-dependent developing countries (CDDCs), are by 2030 set to lag behind countries with more diverse economies in their social and economic achievements, UNCTAD and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said in a report issued today.
Photo: ©Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos for FAO
Some 60 countries and over 200 civil society organizations pledged today on International Mountain Day to strengthen mountain people’s and their environments’ resilience in the face of rising climate change, hunger and migration, and ensure sustainable mountain development is integrated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Photo: ©FAO/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Some 37 countries, 29 of which are in Africa, require external assistance for food, according to FAO's latest Crop Prospects and Food Situation report.
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