Comisión de recursos genéticos para la alimentacíon y la agricultura
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30th anniversary interviews

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Special Information Seminar 2013 "Biodiversity for food and agriculture: taking stock for the future"

Biodiversity for food and agriculture and the global environmental challenges - B. Dias, CDB

Video presentation of B. Dias, CDB

Agriculture and the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity – P. Sukhdev, TEEB

Video presentation of P. Sukhdev, TEEB

Biodiversity for food and agriculture, ecosystems and human livelihood – M. Rahmanian, CENESTA

Video presentation of M. Rahmanian, CENESTA

Value of knowledge and importance of global assessments – R. Watson, University of East Anglia

Video presentation of R. Watson, University of East Anglia

Biodiversity for the livestock sector – I. Hoffmann, FAO

Video presentation of I. Hoffmann, FAO

State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture – C. Tapia, INIAP (in Spanish)

Video presentation of C. Tapia, INIAP (in Spanish)

Forest Genetic Resources – L. Ramamonjisoa, Chair ITWG on Forest Genetic Resources (in French)

Video presentation of L. Ramamonjisoa, Chair ITWG on Forest Genetic Resources (in French)

Biodiversity for Fisheries and Aquaculture: Status, trends, drivers, gaps and opportunities – D. Bartely, FAO

Video presentation of D. Bartely, FAO

Integrating information on biodiversity for food and agriculture – A. Du Val, FAO

Video presentation of A. Du Val, FAO

Biodiversity, ecosystem services and indicators – M. Walpole, UNEP-WCMC

Video presentation of M. Walpole, UNEP-WCMC