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Private Sector Seminar Series: The Grameen Model Towards Achieving Food security
17 Sep 2013

Rome –The President and CEO of Grameen Foundation USA, Mr. Alex Counts, visited FAO headquarters today and gave a seminar for FAO staff titled “Grameen Model Towards Achieving Food Security,” which marked the beginning of the FAO Private Sector Seminar Series. The seminar took place after FAO and Grameen Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which includes goals to increase farming innovation exchange, strengthen smallholders’ access to agricultural and financial services, and increase rural access to competitive value chains. 

Mr. Counts first witnessed extreme poverty in 1988 when he was a Fulbright Scholar working with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. He returned to...

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and FAO intensify cooperation
09 Sep 2013

The non-governmental organization Deutsche Welthungerhilfe  and FAO will work more closely in their fight against hunger and poverty. The organizations signed an agreement on Monday in Rome, to promote the progressive realization of the right to food and improvements of the governance of land tenure for the benefit of all, with an emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized people. “Only if we work together will we be able to successfully eradicate hunger and poverty,” said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva. “Cooperation with civil society groups like Welthungerhilfe is crucial to make the right to adequate and healthy food a reality.”...

PAA Africa Programme
02 Sep 2013

FAO and WFP have long been partnering to promote food and nutrition security of vulnerable communities. The Programme Purchase from Africans for Africa is a recent example of how the agencies can design and implement joint work for effective and efficient operations on the ground.

PAA Africa is being currently operated in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger and Senegal since February 2012. With a funding of USD 4.5 million provided by Brazil and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Programme is a joint initiative to promote food and nutrition security and income generation of smallholder farmers in...

FAO highlights the potential of South-South Cooperation
20 Aug 2013

20 August 2013, Buenos Aires/Rome - FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva highlighted the potential of South-South Cooperation and reiterated FAO's commitment "to strengthen and channel exchanges between Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa with the aim to adopt, adapt and broaden best practices that promote agricultural development"...

A Series of Voices on the Future of Agriculture
31 Jul 2013

If you are reading this website, you might be familiar with one of the larger debates going on around ensuring access to food for everyone--the debate on the future of agriculture as a practice. Fossil-fuel based?  Organics? Small-scale? Fertilizer dependent?

This debate lives in the comment sections of many websites that cover these topics, in social media threads, in scientific literature, and pages and pages of books and brochures published every day. It is a rich and colorful debate, with many different approaches proposed. But how do we ensure we are hearing perspectives from all...