03 Dec 2020
A high-level symposium tackles bottlenecks faced by farmers seeking access to financial systems
Recently, FAO, the Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI) and the Improving Capacity Building in Rural Finance (CABFIN) jointly held the virtual symposium Development of Inclusive Rural Digital Finance Services: China’s Experience and International Organization’s Practices. More than 30 speakers from China, Uganda, Kenya and international organizations participated, focusing on three themes: policy support environment; financial regulatory measures; and innovative case studies. Digital financial services (DFS) have become a key driving factor for developing countries and emerging market to enhance financial inclusion. In rural areas, DFS reaches youth, women, and marginalised groups more widely and effectively, helping farmers to...
02 Dec 2020
FAO and the Government of Israel have signed a new Agreement to support the newly launched Food Coalition, which aims to mobilize financial resources, innovation and technical expertise, promote advocacy initiatives and establish a neutral space for dialogue among diverse and key stakeholders in support of countries most in need. Since the historic formation of the Food Coalition, Israel has been actively participating and committed voluntary financial contributions. The Food Coalition supports innovative COVID-19 and post crisis initiatives, identified in the context of various synergistic lines of action (provided through action sheets). Not...
30 Nov 2020
The European Union, FAO and Paradise Foods Ltd aim to improve opportunities for smallholder farmers in the cocoa sector
Port Moresby/Rome - As part of efforts to support smallholder farmers and create more inclusive agri-food value chains in Papua New Guinea, FAO implementing the  European Union co-funded STREIT programme, has engaged the local private sector, partnering with Paradise Foods Ltd., the country's oldest national food manufacturing company.The new Memorandum of Understanding agreement signed today aims to promote more inclusive and sustainable cocoa production value chains and create income generation opportunities for smallholder farmers, through quality improvement, better market access and the development of product certification schemes."Engaging with the local private sector and linking them effectively...
25 Nov 2020
The 2020 International Seminar on Global Poverty Reduction Partnerships was held in Longnan city, Gansu province, China, on Nov. 24. More than 100 participants from governments, academia, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector attended the seminar. High-level representatives from the UN, officials from developing countries in Latin America and Africa attended the seminar online.
24 Nov 2020
Rome, 24 November 2020 - Within the framework of the FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat is implementing a global project to help developing contracting parties strengthen their phytosanitary capacity and implement the IPPC.  Developing phytosanitary capacity is at the core of the IPPC mandate, as well as one of the three key pillars of the new IPPC Strategic Framework 2020-2030.  With a contribution of over USD 2 million from the FAO-China SSC Programme, this joint global project aims at promoting international cooperation among participating countries and raising awareness of plant health at the...
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