Sesiones Parlamentarias Hambre Cero - Lanzamiento

Parliamentary alliances

Sesiones Parlamentarias Hambre Cero es una iniciativa del Frente Parlamentario contra el Hambre de América Latina y el Caribe, que busca el intercambio de conocimiento y acuerdos para la toma de acción entre los distintos parlamentos de la región.

The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

Resource Partners

By unlocking the potential of intra-African cooperation to bring about rural transformation, the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) provides catalytic and flexible funding to support Africa-for-Africa initiatives on food and agriculture, at regional and country level. The Fund has provided [...]

Strengthening the Science-Policy Nexus for Sustainable Fisheries: Student Testimonials


The new partnership between Duke University and FAO provides students with the opportunity to engage and contribute to the scholarship, policy and sustainability of small-scale fisheries around the globe.

Announcement – Phase III of the FAO-China SSC Programme

South-south Cooperation

FAO welcomes the announcement by Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, that his country will support the establishment of Phase III of the FAO-China South-South (SSC) Cooperation Programme with an additional $50 million in funding.

Phase III of the FAO-China SSC Programme covers six key thematic areas: enhancement [...]

Texas A&M and FAO: Supporting Sustainable Development and Food Security While Educating the Next Generation of Leaders


A partnership between Texas A&M and FAO arranges for undergraduate and graduate students to intern at FAO, where they are paired with a mentor who guides them as they contribute to projects which are relevant to their area of study. Participants in the program share their experiences working at FAO [...]

FAO + Belgium. Finding innovative solutions for a hunger-free world.

Resource Partners

Together we are… responding fast to humanitarian crises, acting early to mitigate the impact of disasters, bridging the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, providing sustainable solutions through innovation, improving food security and nutrition, …and enhancing global food governance.

Recent FAO + Belgium initiatives have worked to…


FAO + Luxembourg. Building prosperity for Zero Hunger

Resource Partners

Together we are… investing in resilient rural livelihoods, boosting youth employment, promoting food safety emergency preparedness and response, …and improving global food governance.

FAO + Luxembourg initiatives have…

  1. Fostered technology and knowledge exchange for more dynamic agri-food systems
  2. Facilitated youth’s [...]

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme - Economic Inclusion and Social Protection to Reduce Poverty

Resource Partners

Only together can we…

Expand social protection
Strengthen the economic inclusion of small-scale producers
Reinforce rural women’s economic empowerment
Protect informal workers and entrepreneurs
Protect and empower migrant workers


COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme - Trade and Food Safety Standards

Resource Partners

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global trade,
is unprecedented in modern times. 
It is affecting all aspects of food and agriculture supply chains, 
creating immediate and long-term risks for food availability and access. 

COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme - Boosting Smallholder Resilience for Recovery

Resource Partners

Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic’s toll on human health and everyday life, 
containment measures to prevent the virus from spreading...
are resulting in increased poverty, 
destroying livelihoods and increasing food insecurity.

prioritizes [...]

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