Preventing a health crisis from becoming a food crisis learning from the COVID19 pandemic experience


FAO Academia Perspective Roundtable (webinar), held on 1 July 2020, brought partners from academic and research institutions, Member representatives, and FAO staff to engage in an open dialogue to better understand opportunities for leveraging partnerships to help prevent a health crisis from turning into a food crisis, [...]

FAO + Australia: Promoting prosperity. Reducing poverty. Enhancing stability.

Resource Partners

We are working together to achieve… Food safety and security, Global stability and peace, Sustainable use of natural resources, A more inclusive and resilient Pacific, …and global health.

Joint FAO + Australia initiatives have helped…

  1. Increase smallholders’ access to markets
  2. Improve productivity and reduce poverty
  3. Build resilience to shocks and crises
  4. Enhance women’s participation in [...]

FAO + China: Partnering for sustainable food security

Resource Partners

Together we are… Developing innovative solutions for poverty reduction, Sharing technical expertise and knowledge through South-South Cooperation, Investing in food security and sustainable agriculture, …. and promoting trade and global health security.

Recent FAO + China initiatives have helped…

  1. Increase cutting-edge policy advice
  2. Deliver technical assistance on food security and safety
  3. Enhance sustainable agricultural [...]
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