FAO Conference

39th Session
Rome, 6 - 13 June 2015

Addresses and Statements

Statements by Heads of Delegations under Item 10:
"Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty and Hunger by Strengthening Rural Resilience:
Social Protection and Sustainable Agricultural Development"

The statements are published as delivered and should be treated as Verbatim Records for item 10.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015, morning
Her Excellency Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture of the Netherlands
Son Excellence Monsieur David Banzokou, Ministre du développement rural de la République centrafricaine
His Excellency Li Myint Hlaing, Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation of Myanmar
His Excellency Given Lubinda, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock of Zambia
The Honourable Moses Vilakati, Minister for Agriculture of Swaziland
Excelentísimo Sr. Don Francisco Mba Olo Bahamonde, Ministro de Agricultura y Bosques de la Guinea Ecuatorial
His Excellency Allan J. Chiyemvekeza, Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development of Malawi
His Excellency Fuad bin Ja'afar bin Mohammed Al-Sajwani, Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries of Oman
His Excellency Gennadiy M. Gatilov, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Son Excellence Monsieur Maïdagi Allambeye, Ministre d'Etat, Ministre de l'agriculture du Niger
Sra. Doña Carolina Vega, Vice-Ministra de Agricultura y Ganadería de Nicaragua
Mr Ahmed Yakubu AlHassan, Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture of Ghana
His Excellency Attila Istvan Simon, Minister of State for Public Administration of Hungary
His Excellency Mohamad Maliki bin Osman, Minister of State for National Development of Singapore
His Excellency Bheki Cele, Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa
M. Bernard Lehmann, Secrétaire d’Etat, Directeur général de l’Office fédéral de l‘agriculture de la Suisse
Mr Frédéric Seppey, Director-General, Trade Agreements and Negotiations, Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada
Mr Hari Priyono, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia
Monsieur Oumar Patcha, Inspecteur général de la Ministre de l'Agriculture et de l'Environnement du Tchad
Mr Itzmak Ben-David, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel
His Excellency Niu Dun, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to FAO
Her Excellency Laurence Argimon Pistre, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Delegation of the Euorpean Union to the UN Organizations in Rome