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The primary objective of this partnership is to provide capacity development for youth in Eastern Africa (Kenya and Uganda) on fruit and vegetable value chain development. This includes training on food safety, food processing, and the value addition of products that would have otherwise gone to waste. The partnership will entail promotion, development, and documentation of youth empowerment business models, including transfer of knowledge, skills for adoption of technologies and equipment for fruit and vegetable drying, and connection to global markets. The partners will enhance learning and documentation of best practices, generate and share knowledge, and work to mobilize resources...
Geographic focusAfrica Kenya - Uganda
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment - Life
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This partnership aims to improve knowledge of the markets for fishery and aquaculture products, especially in the frozen food sector; to support consumer access to these products in developing countries; and facilitate decision-making by operators worldwide. The partners will jointly develop trainings and promote research, technology and innovation related to food safety, quality or any other technical area of fisheries and aquaculture that has the potential to improves competitiveness of companies, increase the supply for consumers and foster the development of the sector, especially in developing countries.
Geographic focusGlobal - Europe and Central Asia Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction
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FAO Azerbaijan and Azersun will focus on joint efforts to achieve the SDGs, drawing on their respective expertise, networks, and human resources. The collaboration will help farmers incorporate technological innovations in their agricultural production activities, and contribute to the sustainable development of food systems, innovations and agro-environmental protection in Azerbaijan.
Geographic focusEurope and Central Asia Azerbaijan
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment - Life
FAO and Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamerica (BPM) aim to foster innovation on and to strengthen experiences focused on the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity for food and agriculture in Central America. The collaboration will promote joint, coordinated and complementary actions that will directly support rural small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), producer organizations, cooperatives and associations to increase their economic opportunities through sustainable and resilient value chains that are based on biodiversity products and services. 
Geographic focusLatin America and the Caribbean Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Environment - Life
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This partnership provides a framework aimed at disseminating FAO knowledge in the area of rural and agricultural finance, risk management and agricultural policy to a select group of financial practitioners, policy makers, the private agribusiness sector, and donors working towards rural financial systems that benefit smallholder families in the developing world. The collaboration also foresees organization and participation in joint advocacy and communication events, capacity development and research on topics related to rural finance and food and nutrition security. 
Geographic focusGlobal - North America Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Life
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