Bombas de agua a energía solar, un salvavidas para los agricultores en Yemen

Rashed está especialmente feliz esta mañana. Hoy es su turno y el de sus colegas agricultores de utilizar el pozo de agua que funciona con energía solar para regar sus explotaciones agrícolas. “Soy agricultor y la agricultura es mi vida. Una [...]

Linking energy, food security and health can help face COVID-19

As the novel Coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread in developed and developing countries alike, not all have the privilege of applying basic prevention measures, and energy and food play a key role in several of these. Almost one billion [...]

International Tea Day 2020 | Addressing climate change challenges through tea

Putting on the kettle for your afternoon tea? Sipping a cup of green tea to strengthen your immune system? Have you ever thought that changes in the way your tea is produced could be beneficial to the changing climate? A new FAO [...]

¿Qué te gustaría saber?

¿Te gusta observar el mundo y traducirlo todo a números? ¿Analizas los gráficos de la misma manera que un amante del arte estudia a Renoir? ¿Te apasionan las estadísticas de todo tipo? ¡A la FAO también le sucede lo mismo! [...]

Off-grid solar systems support the resilience of Syrian households

The ongoing crisis in Syria has severely affected rural livelihoods prompting FAO to restore energy access to households for agricultural activities. FAO aims to increase the resilience of hundreds of families by implementing egg incubators with inverter/chargers, batteries and solar photovoltaic panels [...]

What energy data do we need? Data collection and standardisation processes across organizations

What is energy data used for? What types of energy data are needed? What indicators are currently used and which methodologies do organisations use? ...and where is data stored? These questions were at the heart of the webinar "Moving towards [...]

Global Bioenergy Partnership Indicators guide UNEP study on enhancing sustainable bioenergy use in Ethiopia and Kenya

Using the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) Sustainability Indicators, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) project “Building capacity for enhancing bioenergy sustainability through the use of Global Bioenergy Partnership Indicators” assessed the environmental, social and economic impacts of bioenergy production in Ethiopia [...]

Locally-made stoves reduce the health and safety risks for women and girls

16/03/2020 Nigeria
In Maiduguri, Borno State, Bakassi is a sprawling camp for the internally displaced. Before the insurgency, it was planned as a ministerial village for government officials but today, hundreds of half-constructed red-roofed houses are home to thousands of internally displaced [...]

Togo and Ghana make moves to address forest landscape restoration and sustainable wood energy

Sustainable bioenergy and forest landscape restoration (FLR) can be mutually beneficial. FAO recently organized national dialogues in Togo and Ghana on sustainable wood energy, bioenergy alternatives and Forest Landscape Restoration, to guide policies and support the development of a joint agenda [...]

Los pepinos de mar impulsan la bioeconomía de Zanzíbar

Las algas son un producto precioso para los 25 000 agricultores de Zanzíbar que dependen de ellas, el 80% de los cuales son mujeres. Pero el cambio climático está causando un aumento de las temperaturas, lo que está afectando a [...]
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