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CCLAC / Latin America and the Caribbean region gears up for CCLAC22


by the Regional Coordinator of CCLAC


The Codex Coordinating Committee for Latin America and Caribbean (CCLAC) has concluded its "Regional Workshop for the popularization of Codex Alimentarius work in CCLAC countries 2020-2022". The purpose of the workshop was for the different countries of the region, to share experiences and activities related to Codex work, such as meetings attended, events held and the different areas of interest in which they are working. Similarly, the workshop extended messages about the importance of countries’ participation not only in regional matters but also in work carried out in coordination with the Codex Secretariat. 

CCLAC supports the work of Codex in favour of consumer health, fair practices in food trade and the deverlopment of the people in the region.

- Rommel Betancourt

 Organizers were glad to see what efforts had been made regarding Codex work in countries, and what had been achieved, despite the current challenges. Countries also expressed great interest in continuing, reinforcing and advancing in the elaboration of international reference standards, as well as in supporting and participating in different areas of Codex work.

There was a total of 23 exhibiting countries, with around 35 participants per day over a 7-day period. For those countries that could not be present due to scheduling issues, different activities will be organized. The information provided is of importance and will provide constructive input for the 22nd CCLAC meeting.


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