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Colombia joins World Food Safety Day Celebrations


Colombia joins the celebration of the World Food Safety Day through a series of webinars, where issues related to food safety and animal health in the agri-food production and supply chain will be addressed. The requirements to ensure food safety, have become the government's main demand to guarantee the health of consumers, while representing the major technical barrier in agri-food exports and imports as well.

The Covid-19 pandemic, constitutes the largest global challenge in recent history, therefore closer collaboration between health authorities, national industry, the associations and academia, will be required to tackle the new food safety challenges in the supply chain through a multidisciplinary approach to managing risks – and in this way - guarantee consumers health and fair trade. COVID-19 also should, stimulate people from all over the world to reflect and find innovative solutions to produce food and feed in a more sustainable way.


Webinars 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Bogotá (UTC/GMT–5). Spanish only

June 1 - Buenas prácticas agrícolas y su contribución con la calidad e Inocuidad de los Alimentos

June 2 - Panel Inocuidad: Así trabaja la industria para que los alimentos lleguen seguros a tu hogar

June 3 - Venta de animales en plazas de mercado

June 5 - La Gestión de la Inocuidad con enfoque de cadena. Estrategias articuladoras sustentables