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Welcome to the World Food Safety Day in the Caribbean!


A message from the event organizers the Caribbean Public Health Agency, FAO and the Pan-American Health Organization: 

This is a special year to celebrate and recognize the effort of people who work throughout the food production chain. This day is dedicated to farmers, producers, retailers, buyers, sellers, and consumers. We especially want to thank all actors along the food production chain for being there in crisis situations, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, and recognize their dedication to ensuring a continuous and safe supply of food.

During this day, we want to emphasize the importance of food safety to prevent foodborne diseases and the importance of Food Safety in food security. In addition, we want to highlight the need to strength food safety in traditional food markets, which play an essential role, as the main source of fresh and affordable food for many low-income groups and an important source of livelihood for millions of urban and rural inhabitants in the Americas - Caribbean.


  • Increase awareness on the Food Safety situation in the Caribbean
  • Share information on Food Safety and the importance of a continuous food supply
  • Highlight the importance of Food Safety in traditional food markets.

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