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World Food Safety Day in Malaysia


In conjunction with the 2022 World Food Safety Day (WFSD), Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) through the Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQD) together with the Malaysia Food Safety Association (MAFSA) collaborated with food delivery service companies (p-hailing) to increase food safety awareness, especially food purchase online. During the WFSD2022 launching event, over 40 food delivery riders from various p-hailing company were flagged off to carry the WFSD2022 messages “Safer Food, Better Health” to consumers. The collaboration also aimed to convey a message to consumers of the importance of choosing clean and safe premises and food products. At the same time, it also reinforced the importance of safe and hygienic food preparation and handling especially by food operators and food delivery riders.

This event also served as an official kick-off for a series of events to commemorate the 60th Codex Anniversary in 2023, which include seminars on Codex contribution to establishing standards for food safety and quality and the role of science in Codex, as well as planned promotion in FSQD websites and social media. Prior to this, a workshop was held in May 2022 on enhancing effective participation in Codex for our national Codex Contact Point and secretariats of the national Codex Subsidiary committees. In addition, CCP Malaysia is also planning to launch the revitalized “Codex Malaysia” webpage for a more transparent and public-friendly information sharing on Codex.